life after marriage

“A journey into deeper spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness”

Love After Marriage (LAM)

All of us have the desire to feel more closely connected and intimate with our spouse. When you truly feel close and connected to your husband or wife, it brings deep feelings of fulfilment, love, intimacy and contentment. On the other hand, when you feel disconnected and distant from your spouse, it brings feelings of pain, heartache, frustration and stress.

We know how extremely difficult it is at times to know how to work through the pains, heartache and disconnection in marriage. This is why our goal at Love After Marriage is to help guide married couples into experiencing deeper spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness in their relationship - with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The marriage relationship is unlike any other relationship you will experience on this earth - the Bible describes it as, “They are no longer two, but one flesh.” God loves marriage - He created it to be a special gift for us to experience in this life.

Experience the marriage you’ve hoped for

From the moment we say “I do,” we all desire to have a strong and intimate marriage and yet so few people are actually experiencing this with their spouse. Love After Marriage helps couples connect on a deep and intimate level so they can experience the kind of marriage they’ve hoped for.

Marriage can be really hard. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married a month or 20 years… We’ve all had those times of escalating conflicts, feeling hurt and frustrated toward each other and experiencing the pain and stress of disconnection – even hopelessness at times. We understand and have helped thousands of couples learn how to restore, maintain and deepen the connection in their marriage relationship, regardless of their history.

Unfortunately, almost all of us enter into married life with a lack of skills and tools to help create the marriage we desire – one filled with love, intimacy, enjoyment, hope and security. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. THERE IS HOPE.

Love After Marriage (LAM) is led by Barry and Lori Byrne, who have helped countless married couples experience a level of relationship they never thought possible. With disarming transparency and vulnerability from their own lives, Barry and Lori share insights on how to draw closer to your spouse and the overwhelming benefits of pushing past the hurts and disconnection that we all have felt from time to time.

When you go through LAM, you will:


1. Learn how to develop deeper intimacy by inviting God to play an active role in your relationship.

2. Practice implementing simple and practical tools that will help you build and protect your connection. With the right tool set, even the most stressful and difficult of problems becomes an opportunity to become even closer with your spouse.

3. Gain insight and wisdom on how to further connect on an emotional, sexual and spiritual level.


Don’t let pain and conflict go unresolved in your marriage. If we are unintentional in this area, we are leaving room for disconnection to grow. Build and protect the intimacy in your relationship by getting equipped with the right skills and tools and learning to navigate the intricacies of marriage with God. By investing the time and energy now, it will create deeper connection between you and your spouse for decades to come.

By participating in LAM, you will:

  • Receive fresh and bold teaching on key insights of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness.
  • Learn how to work through conflict and reconciliation.
  • Identify any blockages that may be preventing you from deeper connection with your spouse.
  • Receive insight and wisdom about sexuality from a Godly perspective.
  • Discover simple and practical communication and relationship skills.
  • Practice sharing and being vulnerable within the safety of a small group.
  • Have opportunities to practice the tools in a safe environment.
  • Receive homework assignments that activate the session material in your day-to-day life.

Weekly Workshops

The weekly workshops have 18 lessons, that are generally presented weekly, with some lessons also being presented on occasional Saturdays. Each lesson is 2 ½ hours long.

The weekly format allows more time for putting into practice what is taught.

Weekly workshop can, however, only be presented by couples who have previously participated in a LAM workshop and who have been approved as weekly workshop leaders. This format is therefore generally adopted after an initial Intensive workshop has been presented in a church.

The Weekly Workshops contain teaching on video, by Barry and Lori Byrne, the founders of Love After Marriage and questions for personal reflection, sharing with your spouse and sharing in your small group.

The small group ministry time is a key component that makes this workshop so powerful. After sharing, the other couples in your small group pray for you and bless you.

The following upcoming Weekly Workshops are currently scheduled:

Intensive Workshops

The intensive workshops cover similar content to the weekly workshop, but are generally presented over 3 ½ days, starting on Wednesday evening and then all day (and evening) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is an alternative format that is presented over 2 consecutive weekends.

The intensive format covers the material in a much shorter time, but leaves little time to practice outside of the workshop what is taught during the workshop.

The intensive workshop is often the format adopted when a LAM workshop is presented at a church for the first time. This can subsequently be followed up with a weekly workshop.

The Intensive Workshops contain teaching on video, by Barry and Lori Byrne, the founders of Love After Marriage and questions for personal reflection, sharing with your spouse and sharing in your small group.

The small group ministry time is a key component that makes this workshop so powerful. After sharing, the other couples in your small group pray for you and bless you.


If you are unable to attend a weekly workshop or an intensive workshop, then there is an online version of the workshop that is available for purchase.

The LAM eCourse is designed for in-home use by a couple or a small group of couples as either an introduction to the main parts of the LAM curriculum or a maintenance tool after attending a live workshop; it is not designed for use in a church setting.

Please Note: The LAM eCourse is not designed to create a workshop experience. You would need to participate in a weekly or intensive workshop to benefit from the workshop experience.

The e-Course also contains teaching on video by Barry and Lori Byrne. Individual worksheets are provided for each lesson that summarise the teaching and provide some exercises for participants to do.

For more information about the LAM e-course and to purchase it click here

Upcoming Workshops

  • South African Love After Marriage Workshop via Zoom August & September 2020

    Gary & Hilary Palser ran an online LAM workshop via Zoom over May and June 2020. 36 couples completed the workshop, and we heard many wonderful testimonies of the healing and reconciliation that God brought to these couples.

    Because of the lockdown due to Covid-19 we are sadly still not able to present in-person LAM workshops. We are, however, excited to announce that we will be running another online LAM workshop in South Africa via Zoom in August and September.

    Starting on Monday 3 August and running twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings until Monday 28 September.

    Time: 19:30 to approximately 21:30 (depending on small group time)

    You need to register to get into the workshop and you really do need a stable and fast (preferably uncapped) internet connection for Zoom. Our experience has been that cellphone internet connections are often not suitable, and that a fibre internet connection is preferable.

    To register, please click on the following link:

    Closing date for registration: Monday 27 July.

    There will be NO charge for the workshop, but we will ask for donations towards the ministry of Nothing Hidden Ministries at the end of the workshop.

For more information about the Love After Marriage workshop click here

If your church is interested in hosting a LAM workshop please contact Gary & Hilary Palser at